Painting in Occupied Spaces
Working in an occupied space is one of the most challenging and gratifying aspects of our business. Homeowners and businesses alike want fresh looks for their properties but are often concerned about the disruption and potential downtime required to accomplish the job.  Let’s face it – having your home or building painted can be quite inconvenient!
Special preparation and care needs to be given to furnishings, equipment and people that live and work in these spaces. At Ghaster Painting & Coatings, we understand these concerns and make it our priority to listen to our customers and find the right solutions that work for them.


Here is just a few ways we make painting in occupied spaces easier...
Prep and Masking: Protecting equipment and permanent fixtures from drips, overspray and sanding dust is a high priority. We will isolate the space with plastic sheeting, lay down protective material for flooring and other items that can’t be moved. This prevents potential damage and tracking of paint and footprints from one place to another. Proper preparation and masking is crucial to not only keeping the work area clean, but also getting the best results for the job.
Keeping things Neat and Clean: When it comes to keeping work areas clean, we prefer to clean as we go, opposed to major cleanup at the end of a project. This includes removing, and often taking with us the trash we create. You won't find remnants of our lunch or refreshments on a jobsite or be asked to provide bags, brooms or a vacuum. We come prepared to do our work, the only evidence that you’ll ever see of us having been there is your beautiful new paint job.
After-hours & Weekend Scheduling: We know that businesses need their employees to be focused on their jobs and that sharing space with contractors can be a distraction. Most companies simply cannot afford to send their people home early or give them days off to accommodate painting. We can schedule our crews in off-hours or on weekends to minimize disruption to business. When your people return to work they will be in a freshly-painted, perfectly clean space, looking so much better than when they had left!
Our crews are all painting professionals!

Painting residential and commercial properties is all we do. We have the experience and equipment needed to get fantastic results for any commercial or residential property. Give us a call to discuss your next painting project, we will have the solution that is best for your property and right for you!
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