Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial and Industrial Painting Projects

Commercial and industrial painting projects are entirely different from residential painting jobs. While some homeowners paint their houses themselves, you rarely hear of business or property owners painting their own buildings because they do not have the proper equipment, skills or experience. They also know mistakes can cause physical or material damage and cost a lot of money to correct.

If you are planning to hire a professional painting company for an upcoming commercial or industrial painting project, you probably have many questions. Therefore, our expert team compiled the following questions we frequently hear from customers in all industry sectors.

General Questions

What is commercial painting?

Commercial painting refers to interior and exterior work done for buildings where business takes place instead of private homes. Examples of commercial properties include office buildings, retail centers, hotels, schools and churches.

What is industrial painting?

Industrial painting refers to interior/exterior painting and coating work done for manufacturing facilities and other production-related environments such as fuel depots, water treatment facilities, warehouses and transportation hubs. Typical industrial painting projects include tanks, pipes and jobs in heavy-use or corrosive environments that require coatings or specialty paints and 3rd party inspectors.

How are commercial and industrial painting projects different?

Industrial painting projects are higher risk, require specialty paints and coatings and often require sandblasting and more experienced crews. Commercial painting jobs are demanding due to having to work around the needs of tenants and not to interfere with customer traffic.

Product Questions

Which is better--oil paint or latex paint?

Both have advantages and disadvantages depending on the substrate and the desired outcome. Oil paint is not UV stable and is prone to fading, but it is a harder finish. Oil-based paint is also not environmentally safe because it produces dirty thinners.

Can latex paint be applied over oil-based paint?

Usually not unless a primer is applied first.

How do I know if I need protective paints and coating on commercial and industrial painting jobs?

Metal surfaces typically require protective paints and coatings to ensure durability. When in doubt, consult a painting professional.

What types of prep work need to be done before painting a commercial or industrial property?

Proper surface preparation is vital in both commercial and industrial painting. Pressure washing and cleaning are used in both and sandblasting is usually required on industrial painting projects.

Does all old paint have to be removed before a surface is repainted?

No, but if the existing paint or coating is peeling, it needs to be removed.

Are primers used in both commercial and industrial painting projects?

Yes. All substrates that will be exposed require a primer. The type of primer that is used is specific to the substrate. (i.e., wood, drywall, stucco, metal, etc.)

Does using more expensive paint make a commercial or industrial painting project last longer?

Yes, if the materials are applied according to best practices with the correct number of coats or mils. More expensive paints are also made with higher quality base ingredients such as top-quality acrylic resins.

Project and Process Questions

What is a commercial "paint system?"

A paint (or coating) system is a process where different types and layers of paint or coating materials are applied in a specific sequence. The materials typically include a primer, intermediate coat and a finish coat. The primer coat is applied directly to the base material to provide protection and to give subsequent materials a solid surface to adhere to. The intermediate coating provides thickness. Multiple coats will be needed if the project specs include thick coating requirements unless the paint or coating product provides adequate thickness in a single application. The finish coat is the outermost layer and provides aesthetic appeal and protection from abrasion, water, sunlight, and other environmental conditions.

What are A, B and C paint systems?

They refer to the quality of paints and coatings used. The project environment, desired quality and the customer’s budget often drive which system is used.

How do I know how many coats of paint I need for my commercial painting project?

Usually, two coats are the minimum required. Most paint manufacturers offer to evaluate and recommend based on your specific needs.

How do I know how many coats of paint I need for my industrial painting project?

Many industrial jobs require that a third-party inspector determine the mils (thickness of the paint) required. This is most often defined by the job specifications and the paint/coating manufacturer’s recommendations to meet warranty requirements.

Is there anything I can do to increase the longevity of a commercial or industrial paint job?

The best way to ensure your painting job lasts is to use the best products available and contract the work to a professional commercial/industrial painting company like Ghaster Painting and Coatings.

Ghaster Painting & Coatings Questions

In what locations does Ghaster Painting & Coatings have franchises?

We are a family business, not a franchise. We work throughout Arizona and have completed projects in other states.

In what industries does Ghaster Painting & Coatings provide commercial and industrial painting services?

We provide painting services for all types of commercial and industrial projects but do not provide residential painting services.

Does Ghaster Painting & Coatings provide commercial and industrial floor painting and coating service?

No. Floor painting and coating projects require different expertise. We do not provide these services.

How much experience do Ghaster Painting & Coatings commercial and industrial painters have?

Our entry-level employees have a minimum of 5 years of experience and our experienced team members have up to 45 years of experience.

What types of safety training do Ghaster Painting & Coatings commercial and industrial painting employees undergo?

Employees are required to attend weekly safety training meetings, are trained in OSHA 10/30 and receive annual equipment training and certification updates.

Am I liable if one of your employees is injured while doing commercial or industrial painting work on my property?

Ghaster Painting & Coatings carries over $6 million in insurance to protect our employees, our customers and their properties.

What is the Ghaster Weatherization Method and what value does it offer me?

Weatherization is sealing an exterior building by caulking and a special waterproof coating system. It includes a 10-year warranty.

What is the Ghaster Guarantee and why is it important to me?

It refers to the Ghaster Painting & Coatings brand, our family name and our 45+ year reputation. It also refers to our exceptional warranty. We are required to provide a 2-year labor warranty by the Registrar of Contractors, but we offer a signature 3 year labor warranty for exterior work to ensure quality that lasts. We partner with paint manufacturers to provide extended warranty periods if a customer desires—often as high as 20 years. Extended warranties from paint manufacturers are customized by customer.

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