Arizona buildings take a beating in our extreme conditions. Your commercial properties are exposed to harsh conditions, between the high temperatures, haboobs, downbursts, and occasional torrential rains.

Many business owners use elastomeric paint to provide a thicker layer of protection to their facilities, especially if they have moisture concerns.

If you are searching for commercial painting companies near me that can apply elastomeric paint, Ghaster Painting & Coatings professionals should be your first choice. It takes experience to apply elastomeric paint properly. You can trust the team at Ghaster Painting to do the job right because they have more experience (45+ years) than nearly any other commercial painting company in Arizona.

What Is Elastomeric Paint?

Elastomeric paint is a type of paint that forms a tight barrier against moisture. It is a denser paint – many times thicker than regular paint – and creates a watertight bond for buildings that are exposed to damp, wet, or rainy conditions. If you are worried at all about moisture seeping into your walls or roof, elastomeric paint is worth considering.

The Pros and Cons of Elastomeric Paint for Commercial Painting AZ

Is this the right solution for your commercial facility?  Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using elastomeric paint.

Pros:  The Benefits of Elastomeric Paint

A Watertight Seal

Elastomeric paint will look beautiful while putting a secure coating on your surfaces to prevent moisture from seeping into the walls. Stucco, masonry, concrete, stone, brick, and metal are prime candidates for elastomeric paint. You can also apply this type of paint to roofs.

Elastomeric paint is also used on wood surfaces, but Painters need experience in applying elastomeric paint on wood to avoid problems later on. Ghaster specializes in the application of elastomeric paint.

Dense Protection

One of the reasons this type of paint provides such protection is its density. While most paints have a density of about three millimeters (about three thousandths of an inch). Elastomeric paint has a density of approximately 20 mils for each coat applied and can be as much as ten times thicker than traditional paint.

Extremely Durable

Elastomeric paint forms a highly durable bond with surfaces and typically lasts well beyond traditional paint applications. Even with the intense heat from Arizona summers, many facilities report a lifespan exceeding ten years.

Elastomeric paint can also stretch or bend a bit so that as a building settles or expands and contracts due to temperature fluctuations, it is less likely to crack.

Cons:  The Drawbacks of Elastomeric Paint

There are a few drawbacks you should be aware of when choosing elastomeric paint.

Higher Cost

Choosing elastomeric paint will add to the cost of commercial painting. While it covers the same space with a thicker coating than standard paint, elastomeric paint can add as much as 50% to your paint costs.

More Difficult to Apply

If you choose to use elastomeric paint at your facility, make sure you work with a company that has plenty of experience with using it. If it is not applied correctly, it can look bumpy when dry and may crack easily.

If you use a spray to paint, you will likely need to back-roll the surface between each coat before applying additional coats. Failing to do this can lead to an uneven application or leave some areas vulnerable to moisture.

You also need to properly prepare the surface to get the tight bond that makes it watertight. Since elastomeric paint does not permeate the surface, you will need to make any repairs to holes, cracks, or fractures before you paint.

Commercial Painting AZ Using Elastomeric Paint

Your commercial holdings are likely some of the most significant investments in your portfolio. You want to provide the best protection against the elements and keep your facilities looking great as long as possible.

If you would like to discuss whether elastomeric paint is right for your commercial painting job, talk to the experts at Ghaster Painting & Coatings. With 45 years of commercial painting experience, we handle many of Arizona’s toughest jobs and tallest buildings.

A family-owned and operated business, Ghaster Painting and Coatings can help you protect your investment and make it look beautiful for years to come. Whether you plan to stay in your building for decades or you are looking to improve your curb appeal for selling, leasing, or renting, we have the experience it takes to make your facilities look their best.

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