As a new year begins it always feels good to start fresh with the hottest trends, whether it is through changes to lifestyle, wardrobe, home decor and even paint. Whether the paint colors in your home or business are starting to feel dated or just tired, a fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into any room. Trends change often and the “in color” of a few years ago may now make your home or office look outdated so painting it with a new trendy color for 2016 will make your home or business feel fresh and forward-thinking. Many of the colors that are on trend for 2016 are versions of classics – providing a timeless feel with a nod to the newness of the year. Below we discuss some of the most popular colors for 2016 that have been influenced by paint industry brands, interior decorators and even the fashion industry. Consider implementing any of these 2016 color trends into your home or business, either throughout or as accent or statement walls.

  • Various Shades of Gray
    • Gray has been gaining in popularity for the last few years and it is not going anywhere in 2016. Light and earthy shades of gray tend to be the most popular and are on every single industry professional’s list of hot colors. Why? Because shades of gray are neutral, timeless and coordinate with almost any architectural style and home decor. Kelly-Moore explains why they chose Horizon Gray as their 2016 Color of the Year, “Gray continues to take center stage for neutrals and this atmospheric mid-toned gray provides comfort and versatility. An understated calm neutral and go to color for a wide variety of items and spaces.” It is a natural fit for the bedroom and living room but certainly not limited to these areas. The 2016 COTY runners-up were: Princess Kate KM5035, Foggy Night KM4580, and Brazen Orange KM5406. A trend spotted from this survey was the emergence of calming Zen colors across the board. “Within the 2016 palette, we see a shift from cleaner, high chroma colors, to more softened calmer colors”, said Mary Lawlor, Manager of Color Marketing. The Horizon Gray COTY 2016 encompasses this notable color shift, while maintaining its ability to work well with previous color trends,” Lawlor continued.
  • Rose Quartz
    • Rose Quartz was chosen as one of Pantone’s 2016 Color of the Year (alongside Serenity). Rose Quartz, and other floral shades will be popular in 2016 for their calming and beautiful presence. Sherwin-Williams designed a color palette for 2016 that highlights beautiful floral colors, including a shade of Rose, and they explain why these shades are a good choice moving into the new year: “Meaningful change begins locally. Driven by social engagements as much as social media, we’re coming together to rediscover the pleasures of intimate gatherings, garden parties, personalized outdoor weddings – along with playful indulgences like champagne towers and vintage florals. Multifamily living is back, and this palette connects across generations: dashing greens and cheeky pinks with a flower power that’s as crisply modern as it is soulfully vintage.”
  • Purple (Plum, Violet, Lilac, etc.)
    • No shade of purple is off-limits here. Deep, rich jewel-toned purples make a lovely, impactful statement and light shades provide an airy and uplifting presence. Intense blues are intriguing and lighter shades, such as the other choice for Pantone’s 2016 color of the year, Serenity. Sherwin-Williams describes why they love a color-palette that includes shades of purple and blue paint in 2016, “Technology’s pace has us living in a constant state of wonder. The boundaries between art, science, and commerce continue to blur as increasingly powerful computer chips and extreme materials combine to expand the possible. The future keeps arriving, in icy blues, shimmering pewter, sophisticated plums, and other mesmerizing hues in stunning gloss finishes.”
  • White
    • While white may not sound very exciting, white can actually make a very powerful and beautiful paint choice in a home or office, when chosen and applied correctly. Benjamin-Moore’s 2016 Color of the Year is White and they explain why it is actually a bolder choice than you might think, “Surrender to the complexity of white. The interplay of whites and light creates nuance and subtle beauty… Angles and edges become sharply defined as white is cut with black. Coats of white paint refresh rustic boards and beams and take on a warm, soft glow.

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