When it comes to picking colors, you should first keep in mind durability. When you work with commercial painting contractors in AZ, like Ghaster Painting and Coatings, you get an experienced team that can help you find the right color to make your building look beautiful, as well as a high-quality painting experience that will provide long-lasting protection.

Many people move to Arizona because of the weather, but we know the toll it can take on your commercial buildings. The intense sun, hot temperatures, wind, rain, and dust storms can cause the exterior of your facility to take a beating. These factors can damage the paint and appearance of your building. The wrong paint and the wrong colors will fade fast.

Dark colors fade more quickly than light ones. They also absorb more heat, which can impact your cooling costs, while lighter colors reflect more heat and cut your cooling costs. That is why commercial painting in AZ often includes light brown, beige, or tan for exterior paints.

If you do want to use brighter colors for your commercial facility, consider using slightly muted tones rather than vibrant ones. You will reduce the fading and keep your building looking beautiful longer.

Align Color Choices with Your Brand

When building your brand, it is important to be consistent in every way you market your business. Your logo, website, marketing, and signage should all have common elements to create a stronger brand image.

The color choice for your commercial painting in AZ should also line up with your overall color palette to complement your brand and marketing. Color has been shown to improve brand recognition by up to 80%!

That does not mean you need to use the exact same color as your logo, however. An effective strategy is to choose colors that will highlight your logo or signage.

Consider Your Neighbors

Depending on where your commercial facility is located, you may also face restrictions for exterior colors. You may be part of a larger complex that has a color scheme or there may be architectural, landscaping, or historical standards.

If you can choose whatever you want, you then have to decide whether you want to blend in with your neighbors or stand out from the crowd.

The Science of Color Theory

Most companies choose a primary color for the majority of the building, along with a secondary, or accent color, for their commercial painting projects.

Here is a basic color wheel that shows how color theory works. Research has shown that the most aesthetically pleasing color combinations are opposite each other on the color wheel.

While you may want muted tones for the outside of your building to handle the intense sunlight, inside you can go as subtle or as bold as you would like!

There are so many variations that you can choose, including hue, color value, intensity, contrast, and more, that you will have plenty of options to choose from.

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There has been significant research done on how colors impact mood and behavior, including how consumers perceive certain colors and make purchase decisions.

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How to Choose the Best Colors for Your Commercial Property

The colors you choose are important because you will be living with your decision for years to come. If you want to be trendy, that might mean you will need to repaint more often, so you will want to think carefully before committing. However, trendy may be part of your brand!

If you want a color that will stand the test of time, neutral colors work best and tend to remain in style longer.

There is no end to the color combination you can choose. Ultimately, the decision is up to you although an experienced commercial painting contractor in AZ, like Ghaster Painting & Coatings can provide guidance. Get in touch with us and we can put our expertise to work for you to help you find the right colors for your commercial property.

Please visit our online photo gallery of commercial painting projects we have completed to get some ideas. Our team has painted hundreds of commercial buildings and taken on some of the biggest painting projects in Phoenix and throughout Arizona, including retail and hospitality, high-rises and hospitals, industrial complexes, schools, colleges, and municipal buildings.

With more than 45 years of experience as commercial painting contractors in Arizona, Ghaster Painting & Coatings provides a hassle-free experience. We will create a painting schedule that works for you to minimize any downtime, provide the highest-quality experience using high-quality, durable products, and make your commercial property look beautiful.

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