In an estimate, the best commercial painting services will provide a comprehensive overview of the project scope, including details on the services that will be performed. The estimate should include the cost of materials, which surfaces will be painted, and how long it will take to do the job.

When it is time to repaint your facility, there are a few things you should look for in your commercial painting estimate to make sure you are getting what you need.

Quality and Types of Paints

One of the most important things to examine in your commercial painting estimate is the brand and paint types used. You want top-quality products that will provide the best finish and last for years. Skimping on paints will cost you more in the long run when you have to repaint more often.

The best paints will protect your facility from weather, corrosion, and wear and tear. They will also reduce your maintenance costs and let you go longer before repainting.

Prep Work

The prep work before painting is another important aspect of commercial painting services. Whether you need power washing, sandblasting, sanding, or other prep work, make sure you are comfortable with what needs to be done. Prep work is not an area in which to take shortcuts.

The Number of Coats

The number of required coats will impact your project’s labor and costs. Dramatic color changes may require more coats, so you want to ensure your commercial painting estimate addresses this.

Special Equipment

Depending on the scope of your project, commercial painting services may require specialized equipment to access parts of your site, such as scaffolding, rope access, swing stages, or elevated work platforms. This type of equipment is essential to do jobs safely and efficiently.


Choosing the right design and color scheme can make a big difference in how your building looks. The right choices will produce a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, and inviting appearance for customers, tenants, employees, and visitors.

As part of your commercial painting estimate, you should discuss your ideas for design and ask for advice on the best products to use.

Unique Requirements

Even though many things will be the same on every commercial painting project, there are almost always a few unique requirements. Make sure your commercial painting estimate acknowledges any special circumstances or work that needs to be done.

This includes any maintenance or repairs that should be done before work can begin.

Scheduling Preferences

Professional commercial painting services should offer after-hours work to minimize disruption to tenants or operations. You want to ensure the work hours are included in your estimate.


To produce an accurate commercial painting estimate, you want your contractor to do an on-site walkthrough to discuss your project. Your estimate should be written, detailing the project and clearly defining the scope of the work.

If you are getting multiple estimates, you should compare them carefully and determine which contractor will provide you with the best value. Be wary of lowball bids. Often, prices are lower because the bidder is substituting lower-quality products, skipping important steps in preparing your surfaces, or using inexperienced labor.

Ghaster Painting & Coatings does what it takes to do the job right. Work crews are company employees with years of experience working on commercial painting projects. Every painting crew member is thoroughly trained in best practices and OSHA safety and has passed background checks and drug tests.

Ghaster Painting & Coatings

A fresh coat of paint on your commercial building does more than upgrade your curb appeal. When you hire an experienced commercial painting company such as Ghaster Painting & Coatings, you get a beautiful finish that will stand up to harsh weather and heavy traffic.

Ghaster Painting & Coatings has more than 45 years of experience painting some of Arizona’s tallest and most challenging commercial painting projects. You can trust Ghaster Painting & Coatings to provide an accurate estimate and finish the job on time. You will get a professional approach from start to finish and be satisfied with the results.

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