When it is time to repaint your facility, you need to work with a top commercial repainting company that will do the job right, on time, and within budget.

Unfortunately, many people have had a bad experience in the past with contractors. Contractors may commit to a budget and timeline but do not get the job done on time or submit additional invoices after the job is completed. They may use untrained workers, subcontract core work, or fail to take the appropriate safety measures. Even worse, some contractors do poor quality work that does not provide long-lasting results.

It is no wonder some people are leery of working with contractors, making it essential that you do your due diligence when you search for “commercial repainting companies near me.”

Finding the Best Commercial Repainting Companies

You should consider the following during your evaluation to find the best commercial repainting companies.


One of your most important considerations should be experience. Commercial painting requires specialized skills, meaning you need to work with a company with decades of experience. You cannot afford to let someone learn on the job while working on your building. You need a painting crew that has experience with similar projects and has been trained in current industry best practices.

Reputation and References

A contractor’s reputation is critical. Ask for references and contact them directly to ensure previous customers were happy with the company’s work. Check out their reputation using resources such as the Better Business Bureau and the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. You can also verify a company’s license and bond at the Registrar of Contractors.


Understand who will be doing the work on your facility. Regardless of a company’s reputation, you must be sure that the people doing the job are experienced professionals and observe OSHA safety regulations. Always work with commercial repainting companies that:

  • Use full team members for repainting projects, not subcontractors.
  • Train their employees on industry best practices and OSHA safety procedures.
  • Require employees to pass background checks and drug tests.
  • Have a perfect record with the Registrar of Contractors.
  • Have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


Depending on the nature of your business, you may not be able to close down while repainting is underway. Be sure the commercial repainting company you choose will work around your schedule to minimize disruption for tenants, employees, and customers.

Insurance and Warranties

Ask for a copy of the company’s insurance and contact the insurance carrier to verify that it is accurate and current. The best commercial repainting companies carry more than five million dollars in insurance coverage for your protection. You also want a warranty that will protect you. While Arizona requires two years of warranty coverage, look for a contractor that goes further and offers a more extended warranty.

Project Scope and Contract

You also need a clear understanding of the scope of work before signing an agreement. Some contractors look at a building on Google Earth or do a drive-by and issue a quote. Insist that a company representative schedule a walkthrough to discuss your project so you can ask questions and point out any specific concerns. It is the only way to get an accurate estimate.

The contract should include the following items so you can avoid “surprises” while the work is being done and after completion:

  • Description of the project scope of work
  • Payments and payment schedules
  • Start/finish dates
  • Types of paints and finishes that will be used
  • Warranty terms
  • Licensing, permit, and insurance information

For example, contractors often provide low bids because they plan to use lower-quality paint products. If the products are not specified in the contract, and a contractor uses inferior materials, you may find you need to repaint in a year or two. Another example might be the clean-up and disposal of materials after the job is completed. You need to ensure everything is covered.

It is also important to define how changes or unforeseen circumstances will be handled. For example, what happens if you need to make changes to the project or the crew discovers structural damage while completing prep work?

Experienced commercial repainting companies are best equipped to provide you with the information you need and accurate estimates for cost and completion.

Commercial Repainting Companies Near Me

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