Elephant painting in Thailand

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No trip to Thailand would be complete without a picture of an Elephant… unless of course you can get one by one.

This art-loving pachyderm with a penchant for Picasso has wowed audiences with its portfolio of paintings all created using just a brush and its trunk.

This Asian elephant is one of a herd the mighty beasts who while away their days painting still lifes at the Thai Conservation Center in Lampang, northern Thailand.

A video released by website Travel For Kids shows the elephant methodically painting a red-rose bush as awestruck sightseers look on.

She begins by carefully outlining the stems before painting the flowers, petal by petal, under the watchful eye of one of the park’s trainers.

According to its website, the TECC is ‘a cornerstone in the evolution of elephant painting’.

In 1997, two American artists supervised the first artworks painted by pchyderms ever done in Thailand.

Since then, the center claims, ‘many Thai camps have started painting with their animals as a harmless way to increase revenue while entertaining guests’.

See one Paint Here!

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