Paint can be used in many ways to convey a lot of different things. A single color of paint can convey joy, intensity, creativity, uniqueness, subtlety, serenity and more. A pattern or unique paint application can create visual interest in a room, make a statement, highly architectural features or stand on its own as a unique work of art. While paint can be used in a great many ways, when used strategically, it can create a luxurious feel in a room that helps set the tone for decor and enhances the overall ambiance of the space. Luxury is not just about the size of a space or the cost of decor, luxury is something that goes far beyond price tag. Luxury is a feeling that can be created by carefully choosing all aspects of design aesthetic for a room and one of the most important elements when choosing is paint.

When discussing how to create luxury with paint it is best to begin by discussing color. White can be one of two things, luxurious or bland. Crisp white shades may be chosen when wanting to enhance or highlight certain decor or artwork but otherwise, white is likely to boring. A rich, deep tone makes a bold statement that shows design sensibility and taste. Another way to further enhance luxury is to choose a high-sheen paint for a lacquer-looking finish. If a lacquer finish is not your style you could opt for a paint that has a pearlescent finish. If you are feeling even more daring and want to really make an impact, there are paints with metallic finishes that can be used for an accent wall or to highlight an interesting architectural feature. These kind of unique finishes scream individuality and have the look of high-end design and style. It helps set the perfect tone for beautiful furniture or interesting artwork. There is a time when subtle and serene color choices work best in a room but there are also times when it is important to make bold and unique choices. It is exactly those kind of choices that elevate a room from mundane and common to luxurious. In addition to color and sheen, use paint on details in your home like doors or moulding to enhance your home. Door and trim that have been painted bring the whole look of a home together, create cohesion and show that attention has been paid to the smallest of details so that luxury could be elevated. One of the most important factors in creating a luxurious look with paint is proper application. This may sound trivial but if lines are sloppy, paint is patchy or little details are overlooked the high end look you hoped to achieve will be lost. For this reason, it is ideal to hire a professional painter when hoping to create a luxurious look. Clean lines and attention to detail will be achieved so that luxury can be optimized right in your own home.

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