Corrosion is the leading cause of storage tank failure. Whether you are storing gas, oil, fuel, or other liquids, if your tanks leak or fail, it can lead to serious consequences. Besides safety concerns, it can require expensive cleanup, damage to the environment, public health problems, and significant direct and indirect costs.

Environmental factors play a big role in corrosion. Extreme heat, exposure to moisture, and the chemical properties of the moisture can cause the tanks to deteriorate. If not treated properly, holes, leaks, and structural failures can occur. Fortunately, taking proactive precautions including industrial painting with the right materials by an experienced industrial painting company can provide long-lasting protection against corrosion.

At Ghaster Painting & Coatings, we have more than 45 years of experience in industrial painting, including gas, oil, fuel, and storage tanks. We know what it takes and have the expertise to keep your tanks free from corrosion and protected.

The Benefits of Industrial Tank Painting

Industrial tank painting can help make your gas, oil, fuel, or storage tanks last longer. Benefits of regular industrial tank painting include:

  • Keeping tanks protected and avoiding leaks and spills
  • Extending the value and lifecycle of your assets
  • Improved appearance
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Weatherproofing and UV protection
  • Compliance with regulatory statutes if applicable

Regulatory compliance varies by industry and requires strict adherence. There are many overlapping federal regulations along with state regulations. You need to work with an industrial painting contractor like Ghaster Painting & Coatings that will meet or exceed these quality standards.

Managing and Preventing Corrosion

There are different kinds of corrosive wear and tear on storage tanks, including:

  • Uniform corrosion occurs frequently on unprotected tanks and can cause structural deterioration
  • Galvanic corrosion can result when two dissimilar metals come in contact with each other
  • Crevice corrosion from moisture or airborne contaminants
  • Pitting corrosion causes small holes or cavities and may be difficult to detect
  • Stress corrosion cracking from tensile stress and corrosive environments

Managing and preventing corrosion requires proper preparation from experienced industrial painting contractors and the right mix of paints and coatings.

Before we apply any oil tank paint, fuel tank paint, or gas tank paint, we do extensive preparation. This generally requires using power washing along with abrasive methods such as sandblasting and chemical treatments for degreasing to ensure proper paint adhesion. This takes skill and experience. You need an industrial painting company that understands the nuances of blasting media to use the appropriate techniques for hardness, sharpness, and abrasiveness to avoid damage while properly preparing your storage tank.

Manual preparation may also be required, such as scrubbing rust or weld splatter.

At Ghaster Painting & Coatings, we know that preparation is key to a long-lasting and durable finish. We do not skimp on preparation and make sure we do everything needed to make sure your oil tank paint, fuel tank paint, or gas tank paint will form the tight bond needed to protect your storage tank.

Putting Safety First

Industrial painting jobs can be dangerous if you are not taking the right safety precautions and have professional contractors that are trained on safety procedures and protocols for painting tanks. At Ghaster Painting & Coatings, our employees have completed OSHA safety training. We provide all the safety equipment needed — from scaffolding to personal protective equipment to harnesses and spotters when needed — to make sure everyone is safe on the job site.

When sandblasting or doing painting, we also take precautions to protect surrounding areas and work around your schedule to keep your workers safe while work is underway.

We Are Passionate About Painting

Not everybody is passionate about industrial painting, but at Ghaster Painting & Coatings, we love our work. We commit to doing our best every day and bring passion and professionalism to every job we do. We take pride in our work and work hard to make sure you get the quality job you deserve.

That includes putting everything in writing and communicating consistently with you and our team every step of the way. We have learned that constant communication with our on-site team and working together to overcome any challenges that arise leads to a significantly better result. Our teams care about the job and it shows in the finished product.

If you need a contractor who knows how to paint gas, oil, and fuel tanks, contact Ghaster Painting & Coatings to request an estimate.

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