In the last census, Scottsdale’s population grew by more than 22% and it is not showing signs of slowing down. The job market in Scottsdale is expected to grow by 51% over the next decade — more than 150% of the national average.

One of the sunniest spots in the nation with more than 300 days of sunshine, Scottsdale gets less than seven inches of rain each year. The heat and sun can take a toll on commercial and industrial buildings along with monsoons, sand storms, thunderstorms, and hail.

Keeping your facilities looking sharp and professional requires an occasional paint job. So, how do you find the best commercial painting contractor in Scottsdale, AZ? The answer is simple: Ghaster Paintings and Coatings.

Ghaster Painting and Coatings has more than 45 years of commercial and industrial painting experience. We have painted some of the tallest and biggest buildings in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area. Our crews are trained and experienced to handle the toughest projects and the most demanding schedules to provide high-quality work and a durable, long-lasting finish.

A Checklist for Commercial Painting Contractors Scottsdale, AZ

When you are looking for commercial painting contractors near me, you should start with a checklist. You want to check off every item on this list before hiring commercial painting contractors.

___ Experience

It takes experience to handle commercial and industrial painting jobs. There is so much more involved than just painting. Between planning, scheduling, prep work, power washing, sanding, priming, caulking, finish, and warranty work, you need a commercial painting contractor who has extensive experience with your type of facility and industry.

___ Portfolio

An experienced commercial painter will have a portfolio of jobs they have completed. The images can help you evaluate how projects look at completion and the attention to detail. Look for crisp, clean edges, especially where colors meet.

___ References

The best commercial painting contractors should be able to provide you with a list of references in and around the Scottsdale and Phoenix area. You should call a few of them and ask about the service, including such things as:

  • Was your project complete on time and within budget?
  • Did you encounter any difficulty with the project and was it resolved to your satisfaction?
  • How is the job holding up over time?
  • Would you hire them again?
  • Can you talk about their professionalism and attention to detail?

___ Site Visit

When considering commercial painting contractors, make sure you conduct an on-site visit together. While walking the facility, make sure you get all of your questions answered to your satisfaction. The best commercial painting contractors will be able to talk about how they approach various elements of the job and work around your schedule and unique demands.

You should also request a free estimate that is delivered to you promptly.

___ Materials

The best painting contractors will use high-quality materials. While that may sound like a given, some contractors will use materials of lesser quality to underbid a project or increase their profit margin. Lower-quality materials will not provide the beautiful, long-lasting finish your facility needs (and deserves).

___ Work Crews

When you choose a commercial painting contractor for your Scottsdale facility, you are entrusting them with one of your biggest investments. You want assurances that they will do the job right and do it safely.

The more experienced the work crews are, the better the job they will do. You also want to make sure they have been trained on best practices using the chosen materials and undergone OSHA safety training.

Any contractor who is working at your facility should also have passed criminal background checks and drug tests.

___ Warranty

If there is a problem afterwards, you want to be assured that it will be handled. Some commercial painting contractors will offer a one-year or two-year warranty. The best commercial painting contractors will extend their warranty to three years.

Review the warranty before signing the contract and look for any exclusions.

___ The Contract

Review the contract to make sure any promises made are in writing. The contract should detail the scope of the project along with other items, such as:

  • Prep work
  • Material used
  • Number of coats
  • Time of completion
  • Permitting
  • Insurance
  • Pricing
  • Late payments or defaults
  • Damage to property
  • Performance
  • Warranty

As there are sometimes changes that need to be made during the project, you should also make sure the contract details how change orders are to be handled. Change orders should only be valid if they are executed in writing.

The Best Commercial Painting Contractors Scottsdale, AZ

Pinnacle Peak Trail, Tom’s Thumb Trailhead, and Brown’s Ranch Trail provide some of the most breathtaking views in Scottsdale. While your building might not match the beauty of a sunrise at McDowell Sonoran Preserve, you do want your facility to look its best as long as people.

When you work with Ghaster Paintings and Coatings, you will get a team of professionals who take pride in their work and ensure you get a long-lasting and beautiful finish. You will find that Ghaster Paintings and Coatings checks off every box on this list.

Contact the commercial painting professionals at Ghaster Paintings and Coatings today to request a bid.

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