“You can’t judge a book by its cover”, or so the saying goes. Well, that doesn’t stop people from doing it anyway. Exterior commercial painting can have as much influence on drawing potential clients to a company as any advertising or marketing efforts. Yet, all too often, more attention is paid to signage and/or landscaping when trying to beautify the outside of a building than paint. While those factors are certainly important, they can’t overcome the unsightliness of cracked paint falling off of the building’s facade. After all, you can only put so much lipstick on a pig.

Many people consider exterior commercial painting to be a hassle and thus typically avoid dealing with it until it becomes too large of a problem to ignore. The general rule of thumb is that you employ a professional painting company to repaint your building every 5 years. Maintaining a good exterior paint job on your building can provide many benefits to your business.

Recent studies have shown that Arizona is the second fastest growing state in the U.S., with Phoenix being the eighth fastest growing metropolitan area. That means many potential clients are entering your area every day. As they drive through the town, their first impression will how the outside of your building looks. You’d hate to know that people are driving right past your building because of its shabby exterior, right?

Maintaining the appearance of your building through professional painting can also have a surprising effect on the morale of your employees. People’s moods and attitudes are affected by their surroundings. If the perception of your staff is that you don’t care enough to keep up the appearance of your building, what’s to keep them from not caring enough to provide excellent service? Conversely, a clean, professionally maintained work environment helps instill a sense of pride in employees for the companies they work for and that pride is reflected in their performance.

Property value
Are you looking to sell your building or hoping to lease it for commercial use? Having a professional painting company repaint the façade can raise the building’s property value and help attract potential buyers or companies looking for office space. Focusing on exterior commercial painting helps ensure that tenant companies stay where they are.

Exterior commercial painting helps protect buildings from the surrounding elements. The two greatest enemies of any structure are water and weather. If your building is located in an industrial area, dust and pollutants help to speed the cracking and yellowing of the paint. Phoenix’s hot dry climate only serves to contribute to that deterioration. The costs for fixing water or weather damage can be tens of thousands of dollars. Contrast that to the smaller cost of having a professional painting company maintaining the building’s paint job.

It’s remarkable that something as simple as a fresh coat of paint on your building can impact your bottom line. Caring for and maintaining your building keeping it freshly painted can be a relatively easy way to protect your investment and to help ensure future success.

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