Commercial painting contractors in Arizona work on mainly large-scale projects. From schools and high-rise buildings to hospitals and hospitality, and everything in between, it takes an experienced company with high standards to do the job right.

When you are searching for commercial painting contractors in Phoenix, AZ, there are several key things you need to know.

Heat and Paint

It gets hot in Phoenix. You probably already knew that, especially if you lived through the stifling 118-degree temps in June 2021.

The sun beating down relentlessly on the exterior of your building can wear down finishes if you are not using high-quality paint or it is not applied properly.

High-quality coatings will protect your surface longer, so you will not have to worry about cracks, chips, or peels for years to come. When you work with commercial painting contractors in Phoenix, AZ, make sure they are using high-quality paint that will stand up to elements.

Also, if you apply the paint when it is too hot, it may dry on the surface but fail to cure completely.

As paint dries, the solvents evaporate from the coating. The paint may feel dry to the touch fairly quickly, but it can take a couple of weeks for the paint to totally cure and achieve maximum protection. In hot weather, the outer layer will dry while the inner layers have not yet cured. This can cause pain to blister, crack, lift, or discolor.

So, even though you might think the hot weather is a great time for commercial painting contractors in Arizona to work on your building, you have to be careful about how hot it gets.

Work with Professionals

Dealing with heat is just one aspect of the job, but it is a key reason you need to work with professionals. They know about the impact of heat and the other types of extreme weather that can impact your exterior finish.

They also know about the right techniques for painting your interiors to give them a beautiful finish that you will be proud of.

However, you should know that not all commercial painting contractors in Phoenix, AZ, work the same way. Some commercial painting contractors in Arizona will say yes to just about anything you ask to lock down your business — even if it is not the best solution.

That is not the way we work.

When you contract with Ghaster Paintings & Coatings, you get more than commercial and industrial painters. We are experts who will provide professional guidance about the right type of coatings and applications to provide long-lasting protection. We will advise you on the best way to complete your project on time and within budget.

You will also get:

  • Free same-day estimates
  • On-site walk-throughs
  • A painting schedule that works for you
  • Professional renderings
  • Crews who are highly trained and background checked
  • Comprehensive warranty
  • DPS Level 1 fingerprint cards
  • OSHA safety-trained crews

Hiring commercial painting contractors in Arizona takes more than just searching online for a commercial painting contractor near me. You need an experienced, professional painting company that knows what it takes to provide a high-quality finish that will look beautiful and protect your building for years to come.

Using the Right Methods

Besides high-quality paint, there are other options you need to know about when it comes to commercial painting that can impact the quality and durability of your finishes. Here are two that many customers use.

  • Electrostatic painting: Electrostatic painting uses a special spray that produces a magnetic charge to create a tight bond with metal and other surfaces. Paint wraps evenly around objects to provide a smooth, tight bond that is remarkably durable. Whether you are painting fences, railings, or ductwork, or refurbishing metal equipment or cabinetry, electrostatic may be a good option.
  • Elastomeric painting: Elastomeric paint is a thicker and denser paint that creates a more watertight bond for buildings that are exposed to damp, wet, or rainy conditions. Elastomeric paint is good for stucco, masonry, bricks, stone, and concrete. It can also be used on wood, but you need professionals with experience using this type of paint to get a problem-free finish.

When you work with Ghaster Paintings & Coatings, we will evaluate your project and offer options so you can make the best decision for your commercial facility.

Commercial Painting Contractors in Phoenix, AZ

For more than 45 years, the team at Ghaster Paintings & Coatings has helped thousands of buildings and property owners protect their investments and make their facilities look great. We guarantee a stress-free and professional experience from start to finish.

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