One recent study found that 95% of consumers consider a store’s exterior appearance an important factor when deciding where to shop. More than half say they will avoid going inside if the outside looks poorly maintained. Nearly two-thirds say they have walked out of a store without buying anything because of a poor physical appearance on the inside.

It is not just retailers that need to present an inviting appearance, however. Commercial and industrial facilities need to be well-maintained to avoid reducing their property value.

When you are searching for commercial painting contractors near me, remember that a fresh coat of paint on the outside and/or inside can significantly improve your property’s value.

Here are some of the ways this works.

Increase Building Traffic

A more professional, modern appearance can go a long way in bringing foot traffic to your building and improving your reputation in the community.

When customers or employees come to your building, their first impression of you is how your facility looks. If your building looks rundown, has paint peeling, or is dull and faded, it can negatively impact the way people view your company, even if you run a great company and provide superior services.

When people enter your building, what it looks like inside makes an impression, too. The best commercial painting contractors in AZ can create a warm and inviting environment that is more appealing. A fresh coat of paint can help you attract shoppers to your retail store, help with employee morale, or make the impression you want on prospective customers.

It demonstrates you take pride in your facility.

Encourage Employees and Tenants to Care of Your Facility

When a building is run down or out of date, employees can ignore problems. For example, if there are water stains on the ceiling or walls, paint is chipping off, or the walls look dirty, employees or tenants may become blind to changes in their environment. They may not notice new water leaks, which can do significant damage. They may miss or ignore safety problems or stop cleaning up after themselves.

If there are already stains on the walls or ceilings, what are a few more? Instead of cleaning up a spill, they may just ignore it and age your facility even faster. These things can create a snowball effect. The more rundown your property looks, the less likely employees or tenants are to care for it. It can easily reduce your property’s value.

When employees work in a high-quality environment, they also tend to take more pride in their work. Studies show employees are happier and more productive when they work in a clean, attractive environment.

Improve the ROI

If you are thinking about selling or renting your facility in the future, commercial painting can improve its marketability. Commercial painting gives your entire building an upgrade and makes it look more modern.

Curb appeal plays a big role in marketing a property. If your building looks worn out or run down, it can limit the price you may be able to get. Painting the interior makes it look fresh and indicates the facility has been well-maintained.

Find Higher-Quality Tenants

Instead of selling, you may be in the business of renting or leasing. Whether it is a commercial office building, an industrial facility, warehouse space, or an apartment building, a visually appealing presentation will be more attractive to tenants.

Commercial painting can also help with retention. When you update the building, you are investing in the quality that leaseholders and tenants appreciate. It can make them happy and keep your facility booked.

Protect Your Investment

Painting is an important part of preventative maintenance. In Arizona, the constant exposure to the sun and occasional sand storm can create wear and tear on your building. A high-quality paint job can form an effective seal against rain and moisture that might otherwise damage your facility.

Paint that is peeling, chipping, or bubbling on the surface will not get better with age. Once this starts, it can spread and cause more damage. Small jobs can quickly become big — and expensive — repairs.

By hiring commercial paintings contractors in AZ every five years or so, you can better protect your investment and improve your property’s value. Painting is a cost-effective way to protect your property and prevent deterioration and water damage, which can lead to a major expense.

If you are considering commercial painting contractors in AZ, contact the experts at Ghaster Painting & Coatings to request a bid.

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