Whether you run a major corporation or primarily work from home, you know that productivity is very important. An 8 hour day can be incredibly productive but if an employee is feeling run down, distracted or otherwise disinterested, that same 8 hour day may not be particularly productive. Rather than trying to perk yourself or your employees up with another cup of coffee to ramp up productivity, it may be time to take a long hard look at your walls – yes, your walls. The walls of your home office or corporation may be able to benefit from a productivity color boost that they are currently lacking. Studies have even shown that certain colors actually do increase productivity. Color has been shown to evoke both a physical and emotional response in humans and these responses can either be used to yoru advance in the workplace, or your disadvantage. And, while you may be tempted to paint every wall from floor to ceiling in the most productive color, keep in mind that even the most beautiful color may become overwhelming when it is literally everywhere.

If you want to prevent drooping eyes in the workplace or long lulls of productivity, choose your office wall color carefully. Red, for instance, has been shown to make people more fiery and aggressive so while it may be good to have some pops of red, you probably do not want red walls in your office. It just may set you and your employees on edge or increase stress levels, which benefits no one. You want yourself and your employees to be relaxed and at ease…but not too relaxed. Comfort in the workplace has been shown to be important but you do not need to create a spa retreat that will relax people into a trance. A workplace needs to strike a delicate balance between being inviting but encouraging productivity. Colors such as greens and blues seem to strike that happy medium and Corporate Wellness Advisor explains how green and blue will influence the workplace, “Green, including sage, sea greens and deep forest and hunter shades, is one of the most popular workplace colors. Greens are believed to ease stress and stimulate thinking, hence their use in classrooms, hospital emergency rooms and TV interview “green rooms” where guests wait. Blue is regarded as calming, expansive and cool. Popular as a bedroom color, blue can sometimes be too calming, although research suggests it can also boost productivity.” Blue tones keep people calm, relaxed and even suppresses hunger which will allow employees or yourself to remain focused on the task at hand. Green, which is a mix of a blue and yellow and thus puts to use those tranquil tones, will also help keep employees calm and relaxed which will allow them to not only be productive but do a better overall job because they will not be harried or distracted by elevated stress. It is important to hire a professional who can help you choose the right hue for your home office or corporate office but who can also complete the paint job in a professional and timely manner. After all, you could choose the perfect color but if the paint job is sloppy it will be just another distraction for employees. Choose that perfect shade to boost productivity in your workplace and allow professional painters to get the job done right.

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