“Do It Yourself” is all the rage right now. From planting a garden, to building a table, to painting projects, everyone wants to believe they are a professional chef, handyman, plumber, contractor and painter, all rolled in to one. But, it is simply not true and not everyone has the skills, time and knowledge necessary to truly get the job done right. You would not read one DIY tutorial and call yourself lawyer so it may not be wise to do it in other areas of your life either. Many people want to complete a painting project around the house or in their office but unless they have the knowledge, tools and skills to do so, it is best left to professional painters. Often, people take on painting projects without really thinking, dive in head first, spend money and time and then realize it does not look like it should and then spend more money to have professionals correct their mistakes. Save yourself the time, money and inevitable headache, skip the DIY and leave it to the painting professionals who are trained, experienced and able to complete your painting project.

One of the most common painting mistakes is improper preparation. When it comes to painting, preparation is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a good result. Your surface needs to be smooth with all repairs completed and dry and you need to be working with a clean surface for your end result to be ideal. Additionally, drop cloths need to be laid out to protect flooring and furniture and edges need to be taped to prevent drips from damaging things like baseboards. All of this preparation takes a great deal of time and many people try to save time and money by skipping some of the steps, but this is a mistake and one you will pay for dearly. By hiring a professional painter, you get to skip all of the preparation work because they will do all of the preparation work for you. You will not need to take time out of your busy schedule to do the work because the professionals will do it, and do it right. The next common mistake is not picking the right paint type. Choosing the right paint type is a critical decision because depending on whether or not the walls are in a high traffic area, or there are kids that use the space a lot, or in a commercial or industrial setting, the wrong paint could become easily damaged. Paint choices today are vast and varied and there is a product for everyone, but it is complicated and confusing for many people. If you choose a flat paint in a place where many people spend time it will quickly show marks and damage and if you try to clean it, you will likely cause more problems. Some paints are designed for more frequent scrubbing and some should be relatively untouched. A novice could easily make a mistake and paint an entire room in the wrong paint finish but a professional will know how to choose just the right paint for any surface that you need to have painted. Often, a DIY painter will also use the wrong painting tools or improper brush techniques. The right tools and brush technique can mean the difference between constantly seeing paint streaks when the light hits the wall or a beautifully finished paint project. Rather than staring at the wall, frustrated that the paint looks terrible, why not let a professional painter use their years of experience and knowledge to properly apply the paint using techniques only professionals have. Professional painters will protect your furniture so that paint splatters do not damage flooring or furniture and complete your painting project in a timely manner. But, most of all, you will be able to enjoy a paint job well done rather than having to fix beginner mistakes. It is simply best to skip the DIY and leave t to the pros!

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