When designing a room, whether in a home or office, there are a lot of things to consider. You have to choose furniture, artwork and the paint color. One option to add more variety is to add an accent wall. Whether it is a pop of color to draw attention to one wall, a painted pattern or wallpaper, an accent wall can add a level of interest and unique design. Decide what wall you want to focus on, what wall the eye is naturally drawn to or where you specifically need to draw people’s attention. There are pros and cons to choosing either paint or wallpaper but both make beautiful additions.

Paint is a wonderful option when considering the addition of an accent wall. When comparing paint vs. wallpaper, paint is certainly the most cost effective option. For a relatively low cost, you can add a subtle accent wall or a pop of color to your space. This is a great way to break up a space, add visual interest or draw attention to something like a great piece of art, a beautiful large window or anything else. In an office setting, it can be a way to draw attention to a receptionist or a piece of artwork you are showcasing. You could paint one solid color that coordinates with your decor or you could paint any number of interesting patterns. Paint is relatively inexpensive and easy to change if you redecorate later.

Wallpaper is another great choice when adding an accent wall. Wallpaper offers an incredibly vast amount of colors, patterns and textures that will suit any design taste or decor needs. Wallpaper does cost quite a bit more than paint so that is why many people opt to use it as an accent rather than cover a whole room. Additionally, an entire room covered in one pattern of wallpaper may quickly become overpowering but strategically using wallpaper for an accent shows a design bold sensibility and still allows you to use wallpaper without the expense of covering an entire room. While paint can be a great choice for an accent wall, depending on the style of the room it may be more beneficial to choose wallpaper. If you are going for an upscale design or want to add layers of pattern or texture, wallpaper is probably the better choice. Wallpaper is a beautiful choice but if your accent wall is in a high traffic area it may be difficult to maintain. While there are many durable paints available, wallpaper is less durable and also requires more maintenance. With a painted wall you can simply clean off dirt and touch up the paint as needed but wallpaper cannot be cleaned or repaired so easily. Consider the use of your space (is it primarily for adults or do children play there?), the design of the room, the aesthetic you are hoping to achieve and the type of impact you want to make when making your decision. An accent wall is a nice addition to any space, especially when it is done right – by professional painters. A professional painter will complete the job for you, help make suggestions as needed, and ensure that your accent wall has just the right effect that you hope to achieve.

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