Back in the early 1900’s, 40 acres of property at the base of Camelback Mountain was owned by the artist Jessie Benton Evans. She gave 12 acres of the property to her son and daughter-in-law and they built a very unique adobe house.

The house was given its name by a young Hopi Indian boy who saw the structure and called it “Jokake” which means mud house.

In 1926 Sylvia Evans and her friend Lucy Cuthbert opened a little tea room on Camelback Road they called the Jokake Inn. Decorated with Southwestern arts and crafts, it became a haven for celebrities and wealthy winter visitors. In the following years as it’s popularity grew, Jokake Inn expanded to accommodate overnite guests.
The Jokake Inn closed in the 1970s, but the remaining main building sits just inside the grounds of the Phoenician Resort as a symbol of hospitality in the old Southwest.
Jokake Inn 2019

Unfortunately due to the combination of time and the Arizona sun, parts of the building had deteriorated badly and were in need of major paint and repairs.

Having done multiple painting projects on the resort property, Phoenician management again called on Ghaster Painting & Coatings to help with restoring the Jokake.

At Ghaster Painting we really enjoy these historic buildings, they present a interesting challenge and require patience and expertise to complete properly. We take great pride in knowing we are able to help in preserving a piece of our Phoenix history.

Thank you to the Phoenician Resort, Robert Porter Construction and the entire team of talented craftspeople who helped return the Jokake Inn back to its original beauty.

“Our jobs Look Better, Longer”

Thank you for being a valued friend of Ghaster Painting, Inc.

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