Painting That Brown Lawn Green

Painting that Brown Lawn GreenAs the drought drains the color out of once-lush lawns, property owners are seeking ways to get their green back without triggering penalties for wasting water. But instead of installing expensive synthetic turf to jazz up their curb appeal, some are turning to paint.

Some residents are stuck in a no-win situation: get fined by the state for excessive water use to maintain their yards, or get fined by local governments and homeowners’ associations for brown grass. The solution: lawn paint. Yes, you heard right.

Earth-Friendly Lawn Paint

“As soon as the water sanctions hit, and as soon as people find their water bills rising, they’re looking for ways to cut back on their expenses, and that’s when they start calling,” Kerri McCoy, a commercial lawn painter in California said. McCoy says the paint is actually a coating that is environmentally friendly and lasts about three months. It is basically a water-based solution similar to food coloring. It works as an advanced acqueous polymer formulation for maintaining the aesthetic appearance of grass and lawns on residential and commercial properties.

So next time your lawn is looking bad, consider your alternatives, including painting it green.

Original source:, Friday July 25th, 2014

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