Leadership values and actions
Leaders demonstrate a commitment in their decisions and behaviors.
Problem identification and resolution
Issues potentially affecting safety are promptly identified, fully evaluated, and adequately addressed and corrected commensurate with their significance.
Personal accountability
All individuals take personal responsibility.
Work processes
The process of planning and controlling work activities is implemented to maintain safety.
Continual learning
Opportunities to learn about ways to ensure safety are sought out and implemented.
Environment for raising concerns
A conscious work environment in which personnel feel free to raise concerns without fear of retribution, intimidation, harassment, or discrimination is maintained.
Effective Communication
Communications maintain a focus on safety.
Respectful work environment
Trust and respect permeate the organization.
Questioning Attitude
Individual savior complacency and continually challenge existing conditions and activities in order to identify discrepancies that might result in error or inappropriate action.

“10 Ways to Be a Servant Leader”, taken from C-Level Magazine Greater Phoenix, Vol. 2 No. 2

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