In today’s tough economic climate, business owners and homeowners alike are looking for ways to save money. Using electrostatic paint is a cost effective way to give your existing furnishings and fixtures an entirely new look and feel rather than investing a large amount of money in new ones. New furniture is nice, but refurbishing your existing furniture can be done for a fraction of the price it would cost purchase new furniture, especially when you calculate the delivery costs of large objects.

What is electrostatic painting?
Electrostatic painting is similar to powder coating, but it does not need to be baked in an oven to achieve the hard finish. This means that fixed objects in your home or office can be electrostatically painted. The process creates an electrostatic field similar to a magnetic field, with positive and negative charges. Electrostatic paints harness the energy in the field to make the paint particles and the object automatically attract to each other. Specialized tools are required to do this, so you will need to hire a professional Phoenix painting company for electrostatic painting. Still, the process is much less expensive than buying new furniture and fixtures.
What objects can be painted?
Most metal objects and even certain types of plastic objects can be refurbished with electrostatic paints. You may want to consider it for:

  • Patio furniture
  • Filing cabinets
  • Banisters
  • Railings
  • Visible ducts
  • Door and window frames
  • Cabinet hardware

What are the benefits of electrostatic painting?
Any Phoenix painting company will attest that there are numerous benefits of using electrostatic paints over other types of paints. It creates a sleek, smooth factory-grade finish; there is no risk of drips or bubbles as there are with other liquid paints. The finish is more durable and is resistant to scratches and chips, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor furnishings and fixtures. There is no overspray, so you can be confident that your other belongings will not be damaged in the process. The process is also eco-friendly and does not use any chemical solvents.
Are there other benefits to refurbishing?
Yes! Besides cost savings, there are a variety of other reasons to extend the life of your existing furniture and fixtures by hiring a Phoenix painting company to refurbish it using electrostatic paints. You have probably spent a lot of time finding furniture that fits perfectly in your space. You won’t have to spend more time shopping for furniture with the right dimensions. Nor will you have to worry about finding pieces in the right color scheme. Everything is completely customizable and you can create unique pieces that fit your own personal design taste and/or reflect your corporate culture.

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