Color is one of the most powerful tools a business owner can put to work in the office environment. It has the ability to stimulate conversation, induce feelings of calm and relaxation or create energy. Yet, many business owners overlook how commercial painting can benefit them and simply higher office complex painters to paint their office in neutral colors without giving a second though to their choices.

What Colors Mean
Color is a form of non-verbal communication. Each different color tells people how they should feel. Researchers and psychologists have studied colors extensively to determine what effects different colors have on people’s emotions. While different colors have different meanings in various cultures, this is generally what they represent in the United States for commercial painting purposes.

  • Black: this is a color of power and authority.
  • Red: red creates energy and stimulates conversation and improves collaboration.
  • Blue: represents tranquility and elicits feelings of peace and relaxation
  • Yellow: this is an attention grabbing color that increases concentration.
  • Green: dark shades of green symbolize wealth and can inspire people to make sales. Lighter shades of green are found to be relaxing and refreshing.
  • Brown: this is a comfortable color that evokes feelings of credibility and trust.
    Orange: creates excitement and energy.
  • Purple: this is the color of luxury, royalty and sophistication

Harnessing the Power of Color
Now that you know what each of the different colors mean, you will want to evaluate the spaces within your office and figure out how to harness the power through commercial painting. For instance, you may want to paint an accent wall in a manager’s office a dark shade of grey. This creates a powerful backdrop against degrees and diplomas and will automatically give an air of authority. In a lobby or waiting area, however, you will want to stay away from colors that could be seen as intimidating and instead create a calm, welcoming area using a light blue or light green color scheme. In the marketing department, you may want to ask the office complex painters to paint the walls of a room that is frequently used for brainstorming a terra cotta color and use red accents to create energy and improve creativity and collaboration.
Whether you are decorating a large office building or a small business in a strip mall, it is important to choose colors that will increase productivity and inspire you and your employees. It is also important to use bright colors sparingly; too much can be overwhelming and negate the effect you are trying to achieve.

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