Bathrooms are functional spaces yet they can give a dramatic impression when decorated in a pleasing way. When it’s time to do some decorating, and you’re trying to decide on the right painting for bathrooms in your home, there are several important points to consider. You will need to choose the proper kind of paint and then you should decide on the perfect color.

But before the color and decorating choices are made, the first step is the important aspect of choosing a paint formulated for a bathroom. It’s understood that the high levels of humidity can present special challenges. Bathrooms also require more frequent cleaning and disinfecting than other rooms in the home, so ease of cleaning is crucial. Paint comes in several kinds of sheens in latex or oil. Latex is generally preferred since it is more durable and is easy to clean up. It also breathes better than oil so there is less blistering. As far as the sheen, semi-gloss would be a good choice for painting for bathrooms because it is easy to wash and has less shine than gloss. Satin sheens are also a good alternative. These provide a fair amount of gloss and would still be very easy to clean. Choose a paint that is high quality and is also mildew and stain resistant for use in this busy room of the home. For the bathroom cabinets, a high quality and very durable semi-gloss would wear well and stand up to frequent use.

When painting for bathrooms, In order to achieve professional-looking results, it is essential to use primer. When you have bare wood, plaster, patching compound or drywall, primer is required. When primed properly, less topcoat will be needed and the final color will look richer. However, if you are repainting walls or woodwork that is in good condition and the colors are easy to cover, priming will usually not be needed. Even though a bathroom is usually a smaller space, be sure to purchase enough paint so that you don’t run out. Two coats are preferred for sufficient coverage and durability.

Now that you have made wise paint choices, it is time to choose the dream color. When painting for bathrooms, consider the mood you want to create. Color can add character and style to a room, so choose a color that suits your personal style and attitude. Cool and muted colors are soothing. Pale blue, for instance, would have a calming effect. Cool greens such as moss or sea greens would give a spa-like feel. If you want the room to feel warm and cozy, try rich, deep colors that are warm such as gold or ruby. Lighter colors that are warm and cozy include peach or terracotta. Perhaps you prefer vibrant, energizing colors to help motivate you. Then try primary colors such as reds, yellows and blues. Neutral colors, such as browns or creams, look classic and sophisticated and color can be added with accessories.

When planning for painting for bathrooms, wise choices in the use of the correct paint are necessary for durability and usability. Decorating with color in mind will create the mood and complete the ambience you desire for your bathroom décor.

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