BOMA Greater Phoenix announced it will launch the Golden Dumpster Awards, a sustainability program that promotes and encourages waste reduction and environmental efficiency.

According to the City of Phoenix, city workers drive nearly 7 million miles to transport solid waste every year. The amount of trash sent to the landfill each year could fill Chase Field seven times.

In response to this, BOMA officials designed an awards program to motivate building managers to increase the amount of trash recycled to minimize waste production, city expenses and create a better environment.

“Most of our members’ buildings already have a recycling program in place, but getting reliable metrics to benchmark waste diversion is one of our program’s early challenges,” said Executive Director Mark Covington.

Covington said businesses will be rewarded for their efforts in recycling, waste reduction and education of their employees.

“We hope the awards give our members and other participants in the program inspiration to minimize the amount of waste we create, re-use what we can and properly sort and recycle more of our trash,” said Covington.

The Golden Dumpster Awards program is set to launch in 2014.

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