Any time that a painting project is about to begin, it is important to properly prepare the walls so that your paint looks its absolute best. After properly cleaning the walls, it is also important to inspect the drywall for any damage, cracks, holes or flaws so that the drywall can be repaired before being painted. When hiring a professional painter, it is important to ensure that they have taken all of the steps below to prepare your walls before painting. An experienced and knowledgeable painter will do the following things.

1. A professional painter should first sand the area around a crack or hole in the wall that needs to be repaired to ensure that there are not any raised areas, rough spots or debris around the area that is being repaired.

2. Next, a professional painter will use a putty knife and some quick drying spackle to fill any holes or cracks in the drywall and smooth it out as best possible. Sometimes when putty dries it may shrink slightly or seep further into the wall than anticipated, making the crack or hole still obvious. Your painter will apply additional putty as needed so that everything looks as smooth and natural as it can.

3. Once your painter has filled holes, they will allow the newly repaired area and putty to completely dry before finishing the repair. They will also remove any remaining dust or debris from the wall and wipe it down with a damp cloth to ensure that the area is completely clean.

4. Now that the area has been, your painter will check to make sure the drywall looks as it should and that no more repairs are needed. If everything looks as it should, your painter will begin to paint. With your walls properly prepared and without any obvious flaws, your newly painted walls will looks their absolute best and you will be able to enjoy the beauty and precision of a professionally painted wall.

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