If the paint on the exterior of your building is starting to peel or chip, or you see cracks, you need to start evaluating commercial painting services. If your interior walls show signs of wear or are dirty or stained,  it is time to look for a commercial repainting service provider.

Commercial repainting services can do more than just put a fresh coat of paint on your building. They help protect your investment, ensure your facility maintains its value, and provide an inviting environment for customers and tenants.

Protect Your Investment

You can extend the life of your building by ensuring it is painted, coated, and sealed properly, which also provides a pleasant aesthetic appearance for tenants and visitors and protects it from the elements.

In Arizona, the intense heat, thunderstorms, and dust storms can take a toll on your building’s exterior. If moisture causes paint to peel or seeps into cracks and chips, it can cause mold, mildew, and even structural damage.

When moisture invades wood, the wood can rot and allow insects to enter. Water that seeps into concrete can lead to cracking and crumbling. If moisture gets to metal rebar inside concrete structures, it can cause corrosion and undermine the structure. These are costly problems to fix after the damage has been done.

Maintain Your Value

Since your commercial building represents a significant investment in your business, you should maximize its value to increase the overall worth of your business. If you want to expand or remodel, it will be easier to get financing for a building that has been well-maintained. A fresh, clean appearance will help you get top dollar if you plan to sell or lease your property.

Provide an Inviting Environment

Whether you have employees, tenants, or customers working, living, or visiting your building, you must present an inviting environment. That means a clean and well-maintained facility. If the building has peeling paint, water stains, faded colors, or dirty walls, it will not make a good first impression.


Curb appeal is important for attracting new tenants or keeping existing ones. How your building looks can impact a prospective tenant’s impression of your facility and the amount of rent they are willing to pay. If your facility looks attractive on the outside and inside, you will find it easier to keep it fully occupied.


If customers patronize your business, creating a good impression is essential. Studies show that 95% of customers look at a store’s exterior appearance when deciding where to shop. Half say if the building is not in good shape, is dirty, or has peeling paint, they will shop elsewhere. If they go inside, nearly two-thirds of shoppers say they will leave without making a purchase if the interior is dingy and unattractive.


Employees want to work in a modern, well-maintained building, too. Air quality, lighting, and appearance have all been shown to have an impact on productivity. Colors and appearance make a big difference. Whether you are recruiting new team members or trying to retain existing employees, commercial painting services provide a fresh, modern, and appealing look.

Commercial Painting Services

Commercial painting projects require professional, experienced commercial painting contractors. Large properties often present problems best handled by skilled commercial repainting services. Their crews also have the equipment, training, and experience to make your facility look beautiful and protect your investment.

Repainting a commercial property takes careful planning and scheduling to complete the job correctly, safely, and on time. This is why working with a contractor with decades of commercial painting experience is essential. Crews that work for commercial painting services know how to do the job right and provide the durable, long-lasting finish your building needs.

Experienced commercial painters also know it takes more than just applying a coat of paint. Surfaces must be properly prepared to ensure strong adhesion, and the right types of paints and coatings must be used. Professional commercial painting services like Ghaster Painting & Coatings do not take shortcuts and only use high-quality paint products that will stand the test of time.

Ghaster Painting & Coatings has more than 45 years of experience in commercial and industrial painting. The Ghaster Painting & Coatings team thrives on tough jobs and has tackled some of the tallest buildings and most challenging painting projects in Phoenix and throughout Arizona.

Ghaster Painting & Coatings uses only qualified, trained, and experienced painting crews and never subcontracts painting and coating. We sweat the job details so you can be confident in the results.

Are you thinking about repainting your commercial building? Call the experts at Ghaster Painting & Coatings at 602.786.5034 or request a bid online.

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